Transition to the Executive Leadership Structure

Transition to the Executive Leadership Structure

Last Updated: August 17, 2020

Q: What is the new leadership structure?

A: The Board of Directors has approved a hybrid leadership model that blends the best elements of single leadership with consensus decision making. It will consist of a singular organizational leader who makes decisions with an Executive Leadership Team by consensus. The President and Executive Officer will be the leader of this group and will consult with Executive Leadership Team members when making large scale or otherwise significant decisions impacting the organization.


Q: Why the name change of certain positions?

A: The Board of Directors have a commitment to diversity and inclusion. As such, we have made an intentional decision to retire the usage of “Chief” in any titles. We have transitioned to equivalent titles that align with the same scope of authority and responsibilities.


Q: What is the role of the President and Executive Officer?

A: This role serves as the spokesperson and face of Mazzoni Center. The President and Executive Officer will report directly to the Board of Directors, lays out the strategic visioning for the organization, and implements Mazzoni Center’s mission, managing operations on a day-to-day within the consensus decision-making model.


Q: What positions fall into the Executive Leadership Team?

A: There are seven distinctive roles that will report to the President and Executive Officer. These consist of: Executive Finance Officer, Executive Advancement Officer, Executive Operations Officer, Executive Medical Officer, Executive Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Executive Human Resources Officer, and Executive Legal Officer and General Counsel.


Q: How is this model different from those of the past?

A: This model will balance executive decision-making with an innovative structural approach that ensures diverse voices, viewpoints, and opinions are part of all critical decisions for Mazzoni Center. This model will also elevate roles to the executive level that will allow Mazzoni Center to continually serve the LGBTQ+ community, such as the Executive Diversity and Inclusion Officer.


Q: How will the President and Executive Officer be evaluated?

A: The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors will evaluate this role’s performance after an initial 6-month period, and will do so subsequently on an annual basis, ensuring the role is fostering an environment that promotes the mission of Mazzoni Center.


Q: What happens to the current Interim Leadership Team?

A: These roles will automatically become a part of the Executive Leadership Team.


Q: What does the recruitment process look like?

A: After the announcement of this new leadership model, a request for proposals will be sent out to secure an executive search firm to fill the Executive Officer role . We will continue to update the Board of Directors page with recruitment progress. For specific questions you may have, please contact us at: [email protected].


Q: When do you expect the position to be filled?

A: Searches of this magnitude typically take at least 6 months. We intend to name a search firm by mid-November and hope to have a candidate of choice by May 2021. You can remain updated on recruitment progress by visiting our Board of Directors page.


Q: Who will be involved in the hiring process?

A: Once the search firm has been secured, the Executive Committee will appoint a search committee that will work closely with the firm. Mazzoni Center also intends to obtain input from staff and community voices at various stages of the search process.