Addiction and recovery services

Many studies have shown that LGBTQ populations are affected by substance abuse at higher rates than others.  Among the contributing factors are higher rates of stress caused by experiences of discrimination, rejection, trauma and/or social stigma relating to their one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Having a place where you can share these struggles with a qualified therapist, and/or with others who understand this experience can be a significant help.

What we offer

At Mazzoni Center we offer individual, one-on-one counseling for people who are struggling with substance use and addiction, as well as weekly support groups that are open to any LGBTQ person at any stage of the recovery process -- even if they are simply exploring the idea of recovery, and whether it’s right for them.

We also have Certified Recovery Specialists who are peers in the recovery process who offer support and model hope through a unique perspective of lived experience.

Our support groups
The image that usually comes to mind when you hear the words “support group” or “recovery” is the “12 Step” model.  And while many people find this program very helpful, at Mazzoni we recognize there are many different pathways to recovery.  We respect each individual’s hopes and desires for a new life and work collaboratively with them to reach those goals.

Many who attend our groups find that staying totally clean from all substances works best for them, but we don’t believe there is simply “one” way to reach and maintain recovery.  

Our goal is to provide a safe space for LGBTQ people to explore, to ask questions, to consider the impact of their behavior, and (with the help of the group) to establish goals and practical strategies aimed at changing negative patterns and enhancing their overall health and well-being. 

Mazzoni Center Support Groups

Getting started

Getting started is fast and easy.  To begin seeing a therapist, please call our Intake Specialist Justin Benner at 215-563-0652, ext 248. We will connect you with a therapist as soon as possible who will work with you to assess your needs and offer the best possible resources for support.  You can attend our recovery support groups at any time and you do not need to be in therapy with us to do so.

Meet our team

Intake Specialist
Open Door Registrar
Therapist Intern
Rand Faulkner counselor
Assistant Behavioral Health Director
Clinical Supervisor/Quality Assurance Specialist
IOP Therapist
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Counseling Intern
Judy Morissey Director of Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health Director
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Recovery Specialist
Mazzoni Psychiatrist Priyankar Sarkar
Administrative Assistant
Ariana Zeno Mazzoni Center LGBT therapist