Ally Safe Schools program

Launched in 1997 at the invitation of the School District of Philadelphia, the Ally Safe Schools Program works to generate safer, more welcoming, and inclusive environments for LGBTQ youth in city schools, and provides professional development and training for all school district staff in regard to creating a safe learning space for all students. 
Our Ally team offers tailored technical assistance to staff and students from initiating Gay/Straight Alliances (GSAs) in individual schools to coordinating a youth-led GSA network of more than 40 GSAs in primary and secondary schools throughout the region.  The GSA network provides beyond-school-hours opportunities for peer and adult support, leadership education and development, as well as positive social interaction through our monthly Citywide GSA meetings. 
We will work with your staff to build a deeper awareness of concepts related to sexual orientation and gender identity, identify some primary challenges LGBTQIA+ youth may face in their schools and communities, and develop strategies to combat homophobia and transphobia in your school and program.
All of Ally’s support and trainings are provided free of charge for Philadelphia schools and after-school programs.

All of our trainings are provided free of charge for Philadelphia schools and out-of-school time programs.  

Do you have a high school or middle school GSA in the greater Philadelphia area?  Register with us and become a part of our network! 

Student Leadership Board

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