How to Join The Mazzoni Center's Board of Directors

Mazzoni Board and Committee Recruitment Priorities

Mazzoni Center's Board of Directors meets on average 10 times a year to participate in further developing the overall agency policies, financial health, vision, strategy, and resource development for the organization.  Mazzoni Center's board is seeking multi-talented, diverse candidates for the board and committees, especially people of color, women, and trans-identified individuals to apply to the Mazzoni Center Board Governance Committee for consideration.  

Talent-wise, in the short-term, the agency would benefit from both board appointment and standing committee candidates with one or more of the following experiences: broad and deep accounting expertise, legal experience as it relates to nonprofit organizations and civil/LGBTQ rights, candidates with a human resources or strategic staffing development perspective, connections to government and public agencies.  

Ideal candidatesfor the board or a standing committee have a strong affinity for Mazzoni's mission* statement, are available for weeknight meetings, can be available for evening or weekend events/annual retreat, express willingness to fundraise or speak about the organization with constituents, and must serve on at least one of the agency's active committees

Through fiscal year 2018, the estimated amount of time that a board member is expected to spend on volunteering is about 10 hours a month. The minimum give or get (through fundraising or direct contributions) is currently $1,000 per fiscal year and may be accomplished through special events, online fundraising, and house parties. Board members are committed individuals and make an annual written pledge to attend at least 70% of all board and committee meetings.

Mazzoni's annual reports contain a terrific overview of all programs and financials and are posted on our website here:

*Mazzoni Center's mission is to provide quality comprehensive health and wellness services in an LGBTQ-focused environment, while preserving the dignity and improving the quality of life of the individuals we serve.

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