Are you ready to Be the Change?

  • Mazzoni Center LGBT health Philadelphia

Since 2013, The Real Impact Project (TRIP) has been charged with “being the change.” TRIP is an HIV/STI testing program of Mazzoni Center, as well as a social movement designed to raise awareness regarding sexual health among LGBTQ people of color.

Through creativity, advocacy, and empowerment, TRIP has made strides towards furthering the progress of LGBT culture for people of color within Philadelphia. With various events such as Soulful Picnic, Red Matters, and Rebel, TRIP has combined many of the dynamic elements that can be found within the LGBT community. From live music, performance arts (drag/ball/dance culture), activism, poetry/spoken word, and visual arts, we have produced and collaborated with amazing artists throughout the past three years. Beyond that, we have advocated on behalf of the Black gay community by continuing to fight for equality, visibility, and representation. TRIP also empowers the community by providing positive and affirming messaging via social media, events, and outreaching.

Above all else, TRIP is inclusive of a united voice and group of individuals who are also dedicated to being the change. Our Community Advisory Board (CAB) is our greatest weapon in fighting HIV within Philadelphia. Our CAB features a broad array of young professionals, artists, activist, leaders, and students who are seeking to better their community as well as be involved with something greater than them. As the vision of the CAB is “to give LGBT people of color a greater sense of self-identity and freedom from shame, stigma, and social isolation by promoting a stronger awareness of self, others , and social support,” it is a call we all hold dear to our hearts as individuals. While the CAB supports the overall mission of the TRIP program, “to reduce the impact of HIV within this specific community,” it is a great responsibility for all who choose to be involved.

We are currently seeking more people who are committed to being the change. We are calling on those who are ready to use their voice to advocate, create, and empower others to get involved with TRIP by joining the CAB. The CAB meets once a month and discusses formal business relating to TRIP, community events, campaigns, outreaching efforts, sponsorship opportunities, business/corperate relationships, and testing. Most importantly, we brainstorm ways to improve the culture for LGBT people of color in Philadelphia. After conceiving ideas, we then move on to strategic planning, and then finally implementing them in a way that shows our unity and commitment to serving our community.

There are no formal requirements for joining the CAB. The most important request we have is that you be dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT people of color and not afraid to use your voice to bring about necessary change.

To learn more or get involved, contact Vernon at [email protected] or 215-563-0652 x 204.  You can also stop by the Washington West Project (1201 Locust Street) Fridays between 5:00-9:00 PM when we have dedicated TRIP testing hours, or any other time and ask about the program.

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