BREAKING: PA State Senate Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill ealier today by a vote of 32-18 that would amend Pennsylvania’s current Abortion Control Act to change the current 24-week cutoff for abortions to 20 weeks except in cases of an extreme medical emergency. The bill would also make a safe, medically accepted technique called “dilation and evacuation” illegal, and would criminalize doctors for performing it.  

Opponents of the bill, including the Pennsylvania Medical Society, say the bill simply limits legal access to abortion. 

PA Governor Tom Wolf has vowed to veto this bill (or any bill that seeks to limit access to abortion) if it reaches his desk.  But the state Senate holds a veto-proof majority, and if a dozen or so Democrats in the state House decide to vote with Republicans on this issue, it is possible that they could completely override Gov. Wolf.

We strongly oppose to this bill, and any attempt to curtail or remove a pregnant person’s ability to make this decision in consultation with their medical professional.  We firmly believe in an individual’s right to make important, informed decisions regarding their own body and their health.  We believe such issues should be between the patient and provider.

While the State Senate has already voted, there is still time to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD on this issue, by contacting your PA state representative right away:

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