Bright Lights & House Beats: Spring Fever Dance Party at Tabu will Benefit Mazzoni Center

  • Mazzoni Center Elixir event LGBT Philadelphia DJ KRK Tabu ChariTDance
  • Mazzoni Center Elixir event LGBT Philadelphia DJ KRK Tabu ChariTDance
  • Mazzoni Center Elixir event LGBT Philadelphia DJ KRK Tabu ChariTDance
  • Mazzoni Center Elixir event LGBT Philadelphia DJ KRK Tabu ChariTDance
If you haven’t caught Spring Fever yet we wouldn’t blame you, given that it was snowing just a few days ago.  But this Saturday night a pair of community advocates and artists are hoping you’ll join them for a lively and “illuminating” night they've dubbed Spring Fever at Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar (200 S. 12th Street), to get your dance on and help raise funds for Mazzoni Center.
DJ KRK, aka Kirk Beres, and his good friend Alex Ortiz recently launched an exciting event series they called “ChariTDance” that would draw on their creative interests, and at the same time raise money for causes they care about.   
“Firstly, our goal was to have a fun unique dance party,” Kirk explains, “and secondly, we knew wanted to raise money and give back to community.”
With Kirk’s passion for DJ-ing and Electronic Dance Music, and Alex’s photography expertise, the collaboration has been “a match made in heaven,” Kirk adds.  
Kirk explains that he’s been a fan and supporter of Mazzoni Center for several years.  “Living in Center City,” he says, “Mazzoni Center has always been at the forefront of the LGBT community as far as the outreach and good that it does for our community.”
When a friend asked if he’d be interested in volunteering on the planning committee for this year’s Elixir gala, he was happy to get on board.  
Serving on the committee is a big time commitment, especially for someone with a day job as a flight dispatcher for a major pharmaceutical company, and a growing side gig in DJ-ing.  But Kirk says it was a simple choice for him.
“I’m honored to be part of this year’s planning committee,” he says.  “It’s my responsibility (and really all of ours) to give back to the community that helps us out.  Every small donation or piece of time donated to help a great cause makes you not only a responsible citizen, but a big heart that gets the big picture out of all this.”
You can see this same generous and open attitude reflected in Kirk’s passion for playing music.  “DJing was one of those things I’ve always been intrigued about doing and so finally I just dived right into a couple years ago,” he says.  “Music is such big influence to me and want to share with others that same feeling.”
Kirk and Alexander’s goal for this Saturday night is to give folks “a really fun dance party” at Tabu. In addition to the music, he says, “We’re putting together some really great local talent including drag queen Zsa Zsa St. James and boylesque star TurnPyke, along with some cute eye candy to help everyone get the party moving.  We’re also going to have cool LED uplighting and fun visuals on the tv screens.  
“Every half hour there will be small little entertainment surprises along the way.  We’re really shooting for something different in the gayborhood than what’s out there now.”  
At the end of the day, Kirk says, “The biggest thing is the charity aspect.  Not only are folks going to have a great time, but they’re also going to be helping support Mazzoni Center.  It’s a win-win!”
You can RSVP and learn more about Spring Fever on Facebook.