Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility

March 31 marks the annual Trans Day of Visibility, created to celebrate the existence of trans and gender nonconforming people everywhere.  An important counterpoint to the annual Trans Day of Remembrance, TDOV is a reminder of the very real courage and resiliency trans people demonstrate every day, whether through public activism or simply through living as their authentic selves in a world where discrimination, harassment, and sometimes brutal violence is directed at them for no other reason than who they are.  It's also a great opportunity for us to recognize our especially vibrant and extremely diverse trans community here in Philadelphia.  
This year for the first time, Philadelphia City Council issued an official proclamation to recognize this day throughout the city.  
And on Saturday, April 1, we're calling on Philly-area folks to show up and send a message of LOVE and SUPPORT to the group affiliated with the National Organization of Marriage, who are planning to bring their "anti-trans" bus to town. The Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs has organized a “Pop-Up Love Party” to greet the bus, and Mazzoni is proud to be among the local organizations partnering on this.  Let’s send them a peaceful, unmistakable message that Philly is no place for hatred or ignorance!  (DETAILS on the Facebook event page).  
On this day and beyond, Mazzoni Center is committed to respecting the identity of each person who comes to us, and to providing quality, compassionate care through a holistic approach that includes services to support physical, mental and emotional health.
From medical care to legal services, support for trans and gender nonconforming youth and their families, case management to mental health and support groups, to the annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference - happening this year from September 7-9, 2017 - we are dedicated to supporting and advocating for the health, well-being and human rights of trans individuals, today and all throughout the year.
More ways to celebrate and honor Trans Day of Visibility at Buzzfeed and Trans Student Educations Resources.  

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