Hard Candy Bash: Q+A with Big Freedia

We are proud to announce that Big Freedia will be joining us to host and perform on Saturday, June 3 at Solmseen Court, University of the Arts, at Hard Candy Bash event. 
We are beyond thrilled to have you as the host and performer for our first-ever Hard Candy Bash. Why is it important for you to support LGBTQ non-profits, community-based organizations such as the Mazzoni Center?
The LGBTQ community is important to me because of what I represent and what I stand for. I feel as though I’m an integral part of that community.
You truly know how to entertain a crowd and keep the party going. How does it feel to create such safe spaces of acceptance and inclusion for your community and beyond?
It feels really amazing. It’s an awesome feeling and I’m really grateful and thankful for the power I have on stage to let people be themselves and express themselves freely through the power of my dance music.
You’ve performed multiple times in Philly. What you do love about our city? 
The energy the love and support are what make Philly special.
What’s the best part about being Big Freedia?
I can be myself.
Many queer/LGBT people of color look to you as a positive force within our community. Who are some of your role-models or inspirations within the LGBTQ community? 
My biggest influences from the LGBTQ community are Sylvester and RuPaul.
Hard Candy Bash featuring Big Feedia will take place on June 3rd from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. at University of the Arts.