A Healthy New You in the New Year


Last January we spoke with therapist Lisa Richman*of Mazzoni's Open Door counseling program to get her advice on making – and sticking to – healthy New Year’s resolutions.  As an experienced therapist and facilitator of recovery support groups, Lisa had some great insights into the challenges involved when it comes to changing our behavior, and how to overcome those challenges. 

Her main advice was to take a thoughtful look at your life and try to identify any patterns that may be causing you trouble, or holding you back in some way.  Then, establish some concrete and realistic goals that will help you move forward. 

“By breaking down a broader goal into tasks that are reasonable and achievable, you have items you can actually check off,” she explained.  “I can’t necessarily lose five pounds every week, but I can go for a walk around the block, check that off, and therefore feel closer to my ‘big picture’ goal. Having a sense of progress is extremely helpful in sticking to your resolution, whatever it is.”  

Lastly, she suggested finding ways to hold yourself accountable, which is key to following through on the goals you have set.

Since it’s that time of year again, when folks are looking to make positive changes and improvements in various areas of their lives, we thought it was worth sharing Lisa’s original post again.

*note: Lisa is no longer at staff at Mazzoni Center, but has opened a private practice in Germantown.  We have republished her blog post with her permission.  

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