Just released: the 2016 Philadelphia Trans Resource Guide

  • 2016 Philadelphia Trans Resource Guide Transgender health

Every year since 2007, staff from our Trans Care Program has published an updated version of the Philadelphia Trans Resource Guide in conjunction with our annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.  The idea is to help connect people who are trans identified, genderqueer or gender nonconforming, as well as their families and loved ones, with resources and services beyond what Mazzoni offers. 

This year's guide has just been posted to the resources and publications section of our website (where it can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF).  

In these pages you'll find listings for a range of different resources, including: direct service agencies, health and wellness providers, support groups, voice therapy, clothing and accessories, fertility services, and more.

We welcome feedback on this guide and hope that as you come across providers who are friendly and accessible that you will share that information with us so we can add it to this community guide. This is a dynamic document, always being amended and changed. Please also let us know if you find out of date information so that we can correct it as needed.

We hope that this collection of resources will be useful for you on your journey.  Please feel free to share this, and to contact us with updates, corrections, or further suggestions at any time. 


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