Loving Ourselves, Just as We Are, With Mindfulness

  • Loving Ourselves, Just as We Are, With Mindfulness

Are you thinking kind thoughts about yourself right now?
Are you treating yourself with compassion?
How would it be to say that you love something about yourself?

Mindfulness practice invites us to notice what’s happening in the present moment – and to bring with our awareness the attitudes of curiosity and non-judgment. Would letting go of some self-judgment be a loving experience for you?

Many people say that practicing mindfulness is an inherently loving act for a couple of reasons. The first is that we free ourselves from judgment, if only for a bit of time.

Second, as we focus on what’s happening in our life or mind or body or heart, we grow our capacity for accepting ourselves, just as we are. That’s a pretty loving gift!

Third, many people experience more calm and relaxation when they practice mindfulness.

Fourth, even if we pay attention to what’s happening now and notice that we are thinking unkind thoughts to ourselves, by having noticed it we then give ourselves the opportunity to choose to focus on a more kind or loving thought!

And fifth, as we experience more love and acceptance for ourselves, we have more love to share with others.

Other people who’ve practiced mindfulness in the 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course have offered these variations on how practicing mindfulness has been an act of self-love. But don’t just take their word for it – find out for yourself. Consider listening to the short mindfulness meditation here. Or coming to a free intro. Or registering for the MBSR course. Open to the possibility of more kindness, acceptance, and love in your life!

•    Meditation releases stress and bad energy.
•    I’ve learned how to accept myself more.
•    I learned I could release judgment from having to do it right all the time.
•    Meditating is calming and opened up my mind to many possibilities.
•    I learned to let go and focus on my happiness.
•    This is very relaxing and helped me clear my mind of drama.
•    I feel empowered!

Click here for a free, 7-minute meditation to practice kindness and acceptance for your body. See what happens as you use it to practice a couple of times a week!

To register for MBSR or a free intro: https://www.mazzonicenter.org/mindfulness

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