Mazzoni welcomes PA Physician General Rachel Levine, MD

Mazzoni Center was thrilled to welcome PA Physician General Rachel Levine, MD, to our offices on Monday, August 1.  Dr. Levine, accompanied by Special Assistant Sarah Newman Boateng, met with members of our management team to discuss the recent changes in policy at the state level regarding insurance coverage for gender transition related healthcare, which will now be covered by PA Medicaid and CHIP plans. 
Dr. Levine and Mazzoni staffers discussed practical considerations surrounding the roll-out of the new policy, how it might impact patients and clients that Mazzoni Center currently serves, as well as trans and gender nonconforming individuals living across the Commonwealth.  
After the meeting, Levine joined Mazzoni CEO Nurit Shein and Medical Director Robert Winn, MD, for a tour of Mazzoni Center Family & Community Medicine at 809 Locust Street.  They also made a brief stop at Broad and Bainbridge Streets, where construction is underway on the building that will become Mazzoni’s new home, starting next summer. Dr. Levine expressed her enthusiasm about the building project, which will significantly expand our capacity to provide medical and behavioral health services, and enhance coordination of care for patients.  
As chief medical officer for the state, Dr. Levine advises the governor and the secretary of health on health policy, participates in the decision-making process on policies relating to all medical and public health-related issues, and reviews professional standards and practices in medicine and public health. 
Prior to her current post, Dr. Levine was a physician at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital-Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where she served as clinical affairs vice chair for the Department of Pediatrics and division chief of Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders. 
During her visit, Dr. Levine and Mazzoni staffers spoke about current issues in LGBTQ health care, ranging from addiction and recovery programs to the availability of culturally competent transgender care and services, and ideas about how to promote greater knowledge about and access to care for LGBTQ individuals throughout Pennsylvania. 
Dr. Levine mentioned the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference as one of the best resources for providers to get educated on best practices and information relating to transgender health care.  
“We were delighted at the opportunity to speak with Dr. Levine about the work we’re doing here, and to hear her perspectives,” Mazzoni CEO Nurit Shein said.  
“It’s exciting to work with a Physician General who is so extremely well versed in LGBTQ health issues,” Shein added. “We look forward to continuing our dialogue with Dr. Levine and her colleagues in Harrisburg.” 

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