A message from Mazzoni Center Board President Tony Rodriguez

My name is Tony Rodriguez. I am a physician who has practiced family medicine in Philadelphia for 25 years. Today I am writing as Mazzoni Center’s new Board President on behalf of the full board.
Before I go any further, there’s something we would all like to say: We failed. And we are deeply sorry.
This is a challenging time for Mazzoni, no question. There has been a great deal of conversation, especially in recent days and weeks, about issues and events that have created concerns for people over what, we are learning, has been a long span of time. While it’s impossible to respond to every message, comment, or conversation, we want you to know this: we are listening. We are learning from staff and community members, and we are 100% committed to looking at every aspect of our organization and culture to ensure that we are operating using best practices at every level; that our patients continue to receive the high-quality care and services they rely on and deserve; and that everyone in our community feels included, engaged and respected.
We are incredibly grateful and honored to be a part of this community, and we appreciate that so many people feel invested in what happens here, and in helping to shape the future of an institution that has become a vital resource for thousands of people across the city and region. Caring for the people within our community is an honor and an obligation that we take very seriously.
Please know that we are in the very early stages of what will be a long, challenging and, ultimately, transformative process. It is clear that we need to critically evaluate every aspect of our organizational culture and the way we operate. As part of that, we will be open to internal and external feedback, criticism and advice. We are excited to begin this work, but we also recognize that it will take time. We look forward to engaging with many individuals and groups as we move forward and begin to make important changes here.
Right now we ask that you give us some time to ensure that we are taking the right steps, in the right order, so that the clients and patients who rely on Mazzoni Center continue to receive the care that they need while we move the leadership transition forward. We also ask of you and pledge to you that when we engage together with you, whether individually or as part of an important constituency, we are able to do so from a place of thoughtfulness and calm, through respectful discourse and with transparency.
A lot of the work is beginning within our own walls to open up the lines of communication within and among our talented, diverse and extremely dedicated Mazzoni staff. They are truly the heart and soul of everything we do, and the reason that so many people have entrusted us with their care for so many years.
In closing, we want you to know that we plan and pledge to be here for our community, for many years to come. With your help and understanding, we will come through this challenging time and emerge on stronger footing.
Thank you.

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