Positive Living: HIV/AIDS and mental health

This Tuesday, February 21 at 6:30 p.m., our “Positive Living” support group will explore the subject of HIV/AIDS and mental health with psychiatric nurse practitioner Kyle McKinley.  If you are an LGBTQ person living with HIV/AIDS, we hope you’ll join us – and share this opportunity with others who might be interested. (This is a drop-in session, so no RSVP is required).  
In case you hadn’t heard, our long-running HIV/AIDS support group is trying something new.  Knowing there's much more to you than your status, we are providing a broader base of discussion, and introducing a series of issues and subjects meant to be helpful and engaging for folks living with HIV/AIDS.
With this in mind, we are presenting a 12-week workshop series on many different aspects of living with HIV/AIDS - from intimacy and relationships to substance abuse, mental health, aging, art therapy, HIV/AIDS in pop culture and more.  We're calling it "Positive Living."   
Click here to view the full schedule of upcoming workshops.  
We focus on one specific topic each week, so we can go a bit deeper on each of these 12 subjects, and have in-depth discussions, led by our facilitator in conjunction with a series of guests speakers and presenters.  
You'll learn something new and different each week.  Our goal is to equip folks with a new set of skills to grapple with some of the issues that often come up around their status - and hopefully a whole new way of thinking about HIV/AIDS.  

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