Practical Tips For Self-Care: How To Build Self-esteem

You’re overwhelmed at work; you have dozens of projects piling up at home; and, your calendar is full. To try and catch up, you skip lunch, stop going to the gym, and cancel your social life. Let’s face it, when we’re stressed, self-care is usually the first thing to go. And that only seems to makes things worse.

Self-care may seem self-indulgent, or sound like a luxury, and maybe it is. But taking care of yourself is not a bad thing. Self-care can be just a few basic, daily, loving habits that are crucial to your functioning. The calendar below was created by Nefertari Sloan, Mazzoni Center’s Community Health Educator, who developed it as a tool for her students to build self-esteem. The calendar lays out simple actions for taking care of yourself each day. It also includes practical tips for self-care. Click on the Calender to download a printable PDF version of the file: