Recognizing our Medical Assistants

  • Medical Assistants Week
  • Medical Assistant Joey Parzanese

Whether they are taking a patient’s medical history, recording their vital signs, or performing any number of administrative and clinical tasks, medical assistants (known as MAs) play a vital role in the delivery of care at Mazzoni Center Family & Community Medicine, our community medical practice located at 809 Locust Street.

MAs help set tone for each patient visit – greeting patients, making them feel comfortable, gathering essential information about the person’s history and what brought them to us on that particular day.

At a practice like ours, where our aim is providing a friendly, affirming environment for an extremely diverse group of patients – many of whom have experienced negative situations in other healthcare settings due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status or other factors – the professionalism of our MA team is even more important.

Our staff ranges in experience from 1-16 years and come from all different personal backgrounds. They bring with them a great deal of personal commitment to the LGBTQ community. 

The patient experience starts from the moment they walk in the door. The medical assistants are some of the very first staff our patients encounter and often the last as well. They are crucial to the clinicians’ ability to provide the high quality care Mazzoni Center patients deserve. 

On the observance of Medical Assistants Week (October 17-21, 2016) we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize our outstanding team and thank them for everything they do!

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