Spotlight On…Eran Sargent, Mazzoni Center Navigation Program Manager


Welcome to our new feature which highlights our employees and the great work they are doing both on and off the job. In our inaugural issue we talk to Eran Sargent who left Mazzoni Center in 2016 and recently returned.

Now that you’re back, what is your title and what is your role here at Mazzoni Center?

My title is Navigation Program Manager. In this role, I oversee two of our prevention programs, our navigation services (Club 1509) and our Linkage-to-Care program (ARTAS). These two programs are for HIV prevention. Linkage-to Care is for those who are newly diagnosed with HIV, lost to care, or need to be reengaged to care. Mazzoni Center’s Navigation services primarily focuses on HIV negative individuals—especially those who are at high risk to becoming infected with HIV. The program is designed to help link them to services that can help them remain negative by getting them started on PrEP, on PEP, and by linking them to a medical provider, or other services, such as housing and job training resources.

What brought you back to Mazzoni Center?

My primary reason for coming back to the Mazzoni Center is because I am super passionate about the work that we do. The mission of Mazzoni Center over all is definitely the reason I came back. I have always provided services to this community and that’s why I am so happy about the work that we do here.

What did you do while you were away from Mazzoni Center?

I was away from Mazzoni Center for about six or seven months. During that time, I worked on a housing initiative, coordinating a rapid re-housing program for LGBT youth.  The program provided housing resources to those with housing challenges as it relates to finding affordable housing options in Philly. We helped young adults navigate a housing system that often includes discrimination based off sex/and or gender.

What are some of the things you want to do now that you’re back at Mazzoni Center?

Now that I am back here at Mazzoni Center, one of my biggest initiatives is to develop a more comprehensive resource guide for our clients to provide more linkages to other services in addition to PrEP. We should be linking more clients to mental health, housing, employment, and other resources. We know that some of these resources are scarce, so developing a good resource guide of our top places will be extremely helpful, to help clients to start to initiate the process by knowing some of their options.