A statement from Mazzoni's Board of Directors


The Board of Mazzoni Center joins with our staff in a shared commitment to address the issues of racism, bias, and discrimination within our LGBTQ communities. As a health and wellness organization serving this community, combating discrimination and recognizing and responding to its very real harm is central to Mazzoni’s mission. 

Board and staff are pro-actively taking steps to examine all internal processes to assure transparency and equity.

Creating spaces that are safe and welcoming is a responsibility we all share, and as board members we remain committed to continue to strengthen these efforts to ensure that our community is truly inclusive and affirming. 

“The mission of Mazzoni Center is to provide quality comprehensive health and wellness services in an LGBT-focused environment, while preserving the dignity and improving the quality of life of the individuals it serves.”

To read Mazzoni Center CEO Nurit Shein's October 7 statement on racism and discrimination in Philadelphia's LGBTQ community, click here.