Tragedy in Orlando

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It is now clear that the attack that happened at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub was motivated by hatred of LGBTQ people.  This attack was perpetrated against a largely Latinx crowd on a night designed to bring people together, to celebrate community in what should have been a safe space.

While messages of support and solidarity have been expressed throughout the country, we have so much more work to do as a community, as a nation, and as a society for all LGBTQ people to feel safe, healthy, accepted, and equal. 

Today we ask everyone to keep these victims and their loved ones in your thoughts and in your hearts.  Some of their names and stories are posted here:

Please join with Philly’s LGBTQ communities at the vigil organized by Philadelphia Dyke March  on Monday, June 13 at 6:30 PM at the northeast corner of City Hall.  

More information about the vigil "Philadelphia For Orlando: A Vigil for the victims of the Pulse Massacre" can be found on Facebook.   

Note: in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy, Mazzoni Center’s team of licensed therapists have been made available to provide support to those impacted. For information please call our intake specialist AJ Jones at 215-563-0663 x 248.


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