Trans women are #DoingIt for HIV awareness and prevention on April 18

25-year-old transwomen Prada from Houston, TX, talks to the CDC's Act Against AIDS project about why she's #DoingIt in the name of HIV awareness and prevention.

We're sharing this and several other stories and videos to help promote the first-ever National Transgender HIV Testing Day - which is Monday, April 18, 2016.

"Getting tested is fundamental," Prada explains."Being black, being with a stigma, being trans, it's a big thing."

"Just knowing that I have the power to know my status, it's something that you try to maintain," she says.  "You try to stay negative, keep getting tested.  It's a learning experience."

"And it doesn't matter if you don't have friends or family, there's always a support system, a support group that you can reach out to," she adds.

Prada's message closes on a powerful note: "I did it because I am not afraid.  I am brave.  I am transgender and I love myself."

If you're in Philadelphia, stop by our Washington West Project at 1201 Locust Street for free, rapid testing in a safe and affirming space.  You'll meet with one of Mazzoni's friendly and knowledgeable HIV testing counselors, and get the information, referrals and support you need to stay healthy, whatever your status.

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