Transgender Awareness Week: November 14-20, 2016


Transgender Awareness Week starts on Monday, November 14 and ends on Transgender Day of Remembrance, Sunday, November 20, when communities around the world gather to remember and honor those whose lives were lost to transphobic violence, bigotry and hatred.

Here in Philadelphia, the William Way LGBT Community Center will host their annual community observance on Sunday, November 20 from noon to 5 p.m. - details here.  
Mazzoni Center is committed to respecting and affirming the identity of each person who comes to us, and to providing quality, compassionate care through a holistic approach that includes services to support physical, mental and emotional health.
From clinical care to legal services, case management, youth programs, mental health and support groups, along with the annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, we are dedicated to supporting and advocating for the health, well-being and human rights of trans and gender nonconforming individuals, today and all throughout the year.
Not all of us are directly engaged in political activism or the provision of care and services - but we all have a part to play in ensuring that transgender people in our communities can feel safe and respected, and are free to pursue healthy and fulfilling lives. 
More information and resources for individuals can be found on the GLAAD website and the official website for International Transgender Day of Remembrance

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