Trump administration plans to rescind critical protections for trans students in schools

We know that trans and gender nonconforming youth face extremely high levels of rejection, discrimination, verbal and physical harassment at schools.  This has a direct connection to their disproportionate drop-out rates, as well as the higher incidence of homelessness, unemployment, and suicide attempts among trans/gnc youth.  
That's why we were alarmed to learn that the Department of Education and Department of Justice plan to rescind a critical guidance issued by the Obama adminstration last May.  The original guidance was aimed at protecting trans/gnc youth in school settings, and allowing students to determine which facilities they would use and which activities they participate in based on how they self-identify. 
School is already a tough time for any student as they are beginning to figure out who they are in this world – and it's especially tough for trans/gnc students that very often don't see themselves reflected in society. When a student doesn't feel affirmed in who they are, then the learning process shuts down. It isn't only our students that are being failed by an unsafe school system but rather all of us as a community. We must make sure the progress we've made over the last few years in creating safer schools for our trans/gnc students isn't reversed.
Last June the School District of Philadelphia officially enacted a policy that was informed by the in-school experiences of trans and gender nonconforming youth, and drafted with their leadership and participation.  The goal of Policy 252, as written, is “to ensure safety, equity, and justice for all students regardless of gender identity or gender expression so that they can reach their fullest human and intellectual potential.”  Why anyone would want to take that opportunity away, or deny it for any student, is incomprehensible.
Today we join with the National Center for Transgender Equality in urging you to contact the leadership of the White House, along with Department of Justice and Department of Education, to stand with trans/gender nonconforming youth and make your voice heard on this issue.  (Full instructions and a contact form can be found here:
What else can you do? 
If you’re a parent or a trans student, join NCTE’s Facebook Live webinar at 8:30pm EST today to learn more about how this impacts your advocacy at school.
You can also join NCTE’s Community Call tomorrow at 8:00pm EST on Facebook Live to learn more about what this development means and how you can help us fight back. 

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