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Philadelphia, PA – SEIU filed a petition for an election with the National Labor Relations Board to determine whether a set of non-management staff members want the SEIU to be its collective bargaining representative. Today, a majority of eligible members of Mazzoni’s staff voted for a union to represent them.

Mazzoni Center’s management pledges to continue working to make Mazzoni Center the best workplace it can be.  That includes negotiating in Read more...

Dear Colleagues,

Given the most recent assaults on transgender individuals in Wednesday’s US DOJ (Department of Justice) brief and the gratuitous tweeting storm which irrationally attacked trans service members, I would like to share some talking points with you to assist our clients and patients who have questions about their safety and care. We have already received inquiries from a number of legal services clients and those who participate in many of our support groups. I appreciate the contributions of staff members Thomas Ude, Dane Menkin, and Sean Laughlin in developing Read more...

My name is Tony Rodriguez. I am a physician who has practiced family medicine in Philadelphia for 25 years. Today I am writing as Mazzoni Center’s new Board President on behalf of the full board.
Before I go any further, there’s something we would all like to say: We failed. And we are deeply sorry.
This is a challenging time for Mazzoni, no question. There has been a great deal of conversation, especially in recent days and weeks, about issues and events that have created concerns for people over what, we are learning, Read more...
Did you know…?
49% of LGBTQ students report being cyber bullied 
55.5% of students feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation
38.7% because of their gender expression
Across the globe, millions of people go purple on Spirit Day, observed on the third Thursday of October, to stand against bullying and support LGBTQ youth. Purple signifies “spirit” on the gay pride flag
Nefertari Sloan Mazzoni Center
When I came on board at Mazzoni earlier this year I had no idea that I would be given the opportunity to enhance the way that youth in schools all over Philadelphia learn about healthy sexuality. Our educational workshop series, “How to Love,” is inspired by the reality that students don’t have a standard setting to receive accurate and applicable information regarding Healthy Relationships, Reproduction and Birth Control, Gender and Sexual Identity, among many other topics.  Providing young people with a safe space to discuss these topics with their peers is both Read more...
Kirk Parsons Mazzoni Center
It can be a long road back from addiction. I know from experience.
The drug of choice can be alcohol, street or prescription drugs, or addictive gambling, spending, sex or eating. Although the faces of addiction are many, I believe there is one common thread: that all persons in recovery need the support of others. And often these others need to be intimately familiar with what it means to be addicted – enter the certified recovery specialist, or CRS.
CRS services are designed and delivered by people who have experienced