Drag show Philadelphia Mazzoni Center LGBT March 25 2016
Eddie Malone got into drag performing almost by accident.  Several years ago, the Tom’s River, NJ native was living in Charlotte, NC, where his roommate at the time was organizing a drag competition at a local bar.  At the last minute, one of the performers dropped out - and Eddie’s roommate was in a real bind.  
“He was freaking a bit, so I said, ‘I'll do it - it’s not like anyone will vote for me.’”  No one was more surprised that Eddie himself when he came in first place.  
Mazzoni Center Elixir Philadelphia 2016
It’s not yet officially springtime, but we are already deep into the planning for Mazzoni Center’s annual fundraiser and celebration, Elixir: the Cure for the Common Gala, which will take place on Friday, May 20 at Jefferson University’s Lupert Plaza.  Last year this event was attended by nearly 400 people and raised more than $120,000 dollars to support Mazzoni’s continuum of health and wellness services for the LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities in the Philadelphia region.

We were all deeply saddened today to learn of the passing of Ed Bomba, a former member of Mazzoni Center’s Board of Directors and most recently communications chair of the LGBT Elder Initiative.  Ed was much admired by all who worked with him, myself included.  Through the years made many contributions aimed at improving the lives and well-being of LGBT Philadelphians.  

Ed’s commitment to

In this video we hear from Blair, a client and longtime supporter of Mazzoni Center, on how the organization has impacted her life, and the lives of others in Philadelphia’s LGBTQ communities.

Blair points to the significant gains in visibility and recognition made by LGBTQ communities over the years.  “I’m very happy to be a witness to the progress that the community has made,” she says.

“When our community - the Mazzoni community - is healthy and vibrant, that makes the Philadelphia community stronger, more healthy and vibrant,” Blair Read more...