This fall we're excited to introduce a series of video "mission moments," in which staffers from across the agency share some of the experiences that remind us why our work is meaningful.  

In this video, Mazzoni Education Specialist Dennis Caulk talks about a mission moment he had while working with youth in our #A1PHA Project, which aims to build leadership skills and health awareness in young men of color and trans-identified women who have sex with men.

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Juan David Franco of our Prevention team was on hand to take some photos Tuesday, July 26 when a group of approximately 1,000 people turned up outside our medical practice at 809 Locust to demonstrate their love and support for the trans and gender variant communities, in the face of a scheduled protest by members of the Westboro Baptist Church. 
Organized by local LGBTQ community advocates Deja Lynn Alvarez, Bender David, Katey Dyck, Lee Read more...
Mazzoni Center Family & Community Medicine, 809 Locust Street
This afternoon we are expecting the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) to protest outside Mazzoni Center’s medical practice with hateful messages targeting transgender people.
The WBC is notorious for their extreme, vitriolic messages and speech - their past targets have included the LGBT community, Catholics, Muslims, and Jews, as well as U.S. soldiers and their families. They have specifically chosen to protest Mazzoni Center because of the care and services we provide to the trans and gender nonconforming communities.
Mazzoni Center LGBT AIDS Walk Philly HIV Care and services

Every year AIDS Walk Philly gives us an opportunity to meet face to face with many of the people who are impacted by our work – people who sign up to walk as individuals or in teams to help raise money and show their support for Mazzoni Center.  It is always inspiring to hear people’s stories, and learn more about their reasons for doing the walk.  But for the past two years one team in particular has provided us with an especially poignant reminder of the impact of our work.  

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