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Since 2013, The Real Impact Project (TRIP) has been charged with “being the change.” TRIP is an HIV/STI testing program of Mazzoni Center, as well as a social movement designed to raise awareness regarding sexual health among LGBTQ people of color.

Through creativity, advocacy, and empowerment, TRIP has made strides towards furthering the progress of LGBT culture for people of color within Philadelphia. With various events such as Soulful Picnic, Red Matters, and Rebel, TRIP has combined many of the dynamic elements that can be Read more...

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I’ll be honest: I have very ambivalent feelings about “awareness days.” 

February 7 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  As an African American who has been working in the HIV prevention field for more than a decade, I’m well aware of this occasion and its significance.

On the one hand, I can absolutely appreciate the importance of marking a specific day each year to recognize the disproportionate impact that HIV is having on African-Americans in the United States, and Read more...

PrEP Truvada Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

It’s been three years since the FDA approved PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) for use by HIV-negative individuals to prevent them from being infected with HIV.  When PrEP as treatment was first introduced, there was a great deal of excitement in the provider community, particularly among those of us who specialize in treating people with HIV and those at higher risk of contracting it.  In its original clinical trials PrEP showed remarkable efficacy as a prevention tool.

Earlier this fall researchers at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Francisco released what I Read more...