Abby Roh
Media, PA native Abby Roh lived in New York City for eight years before returning to the Philly area to pursue her graduate degree in mental health counseling.  When the time came for Abby to pursue an internship, Mazzoni Center was a perfect match.  
“I’ve always had a real passion about working to learn more about the specific health needs of the LGBTQ community,” she says.
Abby describe her experience working alongside the Trans Care team at 809 Read more...
Mazzoni Center Family & Community Medicine, 809 Locust Street
This afternoon we are expecting the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) to protest outside Mazzoni Center’s medical practice with hateful messages targeting transgender people.
The WBC is notorious for their extreme, vitriolic messages and speech - their past targets have included the LGBT community, Catholics, Muslims, and Jews, as well as U.S. soldiers and their families. They have specifically chosen to protest Mazzoni Center because of the care and services we provide to the trans and gender nonconforming communities.
Trans Health Task Force 2016

Last month Dane Menkin, CRNP and Elaine Dutton, LCSW of Mazzoni Center’s Trans Clinical Care team co-facilitated a Trans Health Task Force as part of the annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.  This was the second year Mazzoni has convened a task force for the purpose of reviewing and discussing best practices, standards of care, and shortcomings in the current systems that medical, behavioral and legal service Read more...

Every year Mazzoni Center works to ensure the Philadelphia Trans*-Health Conference will be accessible to as many attendees as possible, in a number of ways - first and foremost by offering the 250+ workshops in the general track of the conference free of charge.  Our staff also works to make the conference physically accessible to the many people with disabilities who attend every year, whether that means connecting people with mobility needs with wheelchairs or escorts, ensuring that service dogs are welcome, or arranging ASL Read more...
2016 Philadelphia Trans Resource Guide Transgender health

Every year since 2007, staff from our Trans Care Program has published an updated version of the Philadelphia Trans Resource Guide in conjunction with our annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.  The idea is to help connect people who are trans identified, genderqueer or gender nonconforming, as well as their families and loved ones, with resources and services beyond what Mazzoni offers. 


Philadelphia Trans Health Conference Mazzoni Center
The 15th annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is less than one month away!
Last summer we welcomed more than 4,000 attendees from all over the country and the world to the Pennsylvania Convention Center over the course of three days.
This year’s event takes place June 9-11 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and we’ve got a diverse and dynamic lineup of approximately 230 workshops lined up for the general track of the conference - which is FREE to Read more...