We know that trans and gender nonconforming youth face extremely high levels of rejection, discrimination, verbal and physical harassment at schools.  This has a direct connection to their disproportionate drop-out rates, as well as the higher incidence of homelessness, unemployment, and suicide attempts among trans/gnc youth.  
That's why we were alarmed to learn that the Department of Education and Department of Justice  Read more...

Last January we spoke with therapist Lisa Richman*of Mazzoni's Open Door counseling program to get her advice on making – and sticking to – healthy New Year’s resolutions.  As an experienced therapist and facilitator of recovery support groups, Lisa had some great insights into the challenges involved when it comes to changing our behavior, and how to overcome those challenges. 

Her main advice was to take a thoughtful look at your life and try to identify any patterns that may be causing Read more...

Back by popular demand, it’s our 2016 Holiday Survival Guide!
Despite the joyful reputation – and no matter your age or station in life – we all know that the holiday season can be an anxious time.  
Every year the team at Mazzoni Center’s Open Door Counseling program puts together a thoughtful and comprehensive booklet we call our “Holiday Survival Guide,” filled with Read more...
Christina photo
Most people would balk at a two and a half hour drive to visit their doctor. Christina Cleveland has a different story to tell.
For a little over two years Christina has made the trip from her home in rural Pennsylvania, outside of Allentown, to receive care at Mazzoni Center Family & Community Medicine.  Her story reflects the reality for many transgender individuals who live outside major cities.  
“Mazzoni has made a huge difference in my life,” Read more...
Lin-Fan Wang, MD
More and more healthcare providers are taking a nuanced approach to  the association of obesity with cardiovascular health, longevity, and quality of life. They are recognizing that the numbers on a scale, or a Body Mass Index, don’t tell the whole story about someone’s health or fitness level.
Part of this stems from the recognition that most ‘traditional’ weight loss programs are unsuccessful over the long term.  And that the ultimate goal of any serious weight loss program is improved health and mobility – so why not Read more...
Loving Ourselves, Just as We Are, With Mindfulness

Are you thinking kind thoughts about yourself right now?
Are you treating yourself with compassion?
How would it be to say that you love something about yourself?

Mindfulness practice invites us to notice what’s happening in the present moment – and to bring with our awareness the attitudes of curiosity and non-judgment. Would letting go of some self-judgment be a loving experience for you?

Many people say that practicing mindfulness is an inherently loving act for a couple of reasons. The first is that we free ourselves from judgment, if only Read more...