Brave Schools Events

To request more information, please contact the Youth Education Team at [email protected]

Ongoing: Youth Space

 A weekly chill space for youth ages 13 -24. This space may be used for  games, movies, discussions, meditation, photoshoots, and anything else students may be interested in. Simply want a place to chill or heal? You can do that, too! A meal and transportation will be provided. Every Thursday 4-6pm starting September 13th, 2018 at 1201 Locust street, 4th floor of the Washington West Project.

Summer 2019: Philly Youth Pride

Philly Youth Pride is an opportunity for high school GSAs and individual students to celebrate their LGBTQ identities while connecting with their peers from around the city. Our goal with Philly Youth Pride is to encourage connection, networking, and dialogue among LGBTQ youth and allies; to give young people a space to explore and address the issues that matter most to them; and most of all, a space where they can safely celebrate who they are and have fun. Snacks and beverages provided.

Friday, February 1st, 2019 : Youth Voices Summit (new!)

A forum for youth leaders to make policy recommendations directly to school district and city officials.

The Youth Voices Summit provides the opportunity for youth and adults develop sustainable relationships by engaging together in challenging and relevant discussion about LGBTQ youth identities and issues. School staff, city officials, and community partners are invited to hear directly from youth leaders about their lived experiences, school climate, and policy recommendations. While youth coordinators develop leadership and communication skills, adult staff and officials have the opportunity to recognize the importance of youth voices in school transformation and city governance.

Spring 2019: LEAD Conference

An annual conference of over 150 LGBTQ youth and staff from GSAs (Gender and Sexuality Alliances) and schools across Philadelphia

Organized by our Youth Interns who volunteer from local schools, LEAD provides the opportunity for youth to engage their peers in relevant, youth-focused workshops and discussions. Youth attendees have the opportunity to build community, learn about programs across the city, and build advocacy skills to take back to their schools.

To request more information, please contact the Youth Education Team at

[email protected]

August 2019: Youth Leadership Retreat

Overnight weekend of team building, leadership development, and student advocacy

The Youth Retreat is a space for youth to build community and chosen family with one another, as a strong foundation of support from which to grow as leaders in their schools. Participants leave the retreat with supportive peer and mentor relationships, and clear plan of how they will stay connected to Brave Schools Programming