Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this program accept insurance?

We accept most major insurances, as well as Medicaid, some Medicare, and Ryan White. However, it is important to understand that all plans vary in coverage. As part of the intake process, we will determine your coverage and cost for IOP. If you are uninsured, you can meet with our Benefits Counselor to see if you are eligible for special funding to help cover your costs. We offer a sliding scale to those who are uninsured and/or not eligible for other coverage.

2. What are the hours of operation for IOP?

At the present time, IOP takes place during the day Monday through Friday. During the intake process, you will determine the schedule that best suits your needs with your counselor.

3. Are there crisis resources for after hours?

Yes – there is 24/7 support available to you. Philadelphia’s 24-hour Crisis Hotline is 215-686-4420. Additional resources and information will be provided during your orientation.

4. What other services does Mazzoni Center offer?

Mazzoni Center offers an array of primary medical, legal, prevention and care services at 1348 Bainbridge Street, which allows for close coordination of care for those clients who wish to access more than one program. You do not need to be an existing patient of Mazzoni Center to participate in IOP. If you would like information on other services, please speak with your counselor. If you would like to establish primary medical care with Mazzoni Center, please visit our website here.

5. I’m concerned I will still need help after finishing the IOP. What’s available?

Throughout your IOP experience, we will continuously assess how to build new or strengthen existing supports. During treatment, you will work with your counselor on developing an aftercare plan that outlines ways to stay connected and tap into healthy supports and resources to keep your recovery progressing. Many individuals remain connected in outpatient therapy at Mazzoni Center after completing IOP and/or consider community involvement and support groups.

6. How do I get started?

Contact our Intake Specialist at 215-563-0652, ext. 243 or complete our online intake form.
You will receive a prompt response regarding next steps to come in and meet with staff.