Educator Training and Resources

As part of our Safe Schools Program, our expert trainers welcome the opportunity to come to your school or organization and work with you and your students on a variety of topics, including:

  • LGBTQ Identities and Terminology
  • Gender and Sexual Identity
  • Student Rights and Advocacy
  • Bullying
  • Consent/Healthy Boundaries

These are led workshop-style with the goal to encourage critical thinking and self-exploration.  

"The faculty and staff at Hotchkiss have noted that this was one of the more valuable professional development days they've experienced in their time at this institution. The Mazzoni Center's Education Department staff did a great job with their joint presentation, and I personally enjoyed and found a lot of value in the afternoon workshops I attended with Elyas on policy and Elizabeth on trauma-informed care.  Mazzoni worked so well with us in advance of their visit to get to know our school community and culture, which helped us all focus more quickly on ways to apply the knowledge and ideas to our work here.  It was a successful day for all of us, and one that I trust will help us all continue to build toward the truly diverse, equitable and inclusive community that we know Hotchkiss can be."- Rachel L. Myers, Ph.D., Coordinator of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives at The Hotchkiss School (CT)