cultivating the safety and liberation of LGBTQ victims and survivors of sexual violence by inspiring action, centering nonlinear healing, and promoting radical vulnerability through narrative-based educational opportunities for service providers as well as community members

lotus. is a sexual violence educational program developed in collaboration with WOAR in order to create a broad, LGBTQ-competent resource network to ensure that LGBTQ victims and survivors feel safe, supported, and liberated in accessing related services. Funded by the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women, lotus. provides narrative-based best practices trainings for individuals supporting, treating, and advocating for LGBTQ victims and survivors. In addition, we also facilitate trainings within LGBTQ communities to educate members about safe, supportive, and liberating resources available for victims and survivors of sexual assault.

lotus. strives to provide a comprehensive overview of LGBTQ-specific trauma, particularly in relationship to those who are multiply marginalized. With an explicitly intersectional and anti-racist approach, our trainings encourage deeper understandings of the experiences of LGBTQ victims and survivors of sexual violence as well as promote action in advocating for change at multiple levels.

lotus. provides free trainings for the following:
❖Sexual violence advocacy organizations
❖LGBTQ-specific organizations
❖Law enforcement
❖Medical professionals
❖District attorneys
❖Court systems
lotus. offers a variety of training modules that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Some include:
❖LGBTQ Fundamentals
❖Trauma-Informed Care
❖Restorative Justice
❖Prison Rape Elimination Act
❖The Complexities of Consent