Ally Student Leadership Board

Strong student leaders are the foundation of strong GSAs. Mazzoni Center supports these students as they grow to become engaged citizens of our communities by participating in the Ally Student Leadership Board (SLB).
Participating students offer their perspective on school climate and culture in Philadelphia, sexuality education policies affecting LGBTQ youth, and wellness initiatives in their communities.  These youth leaders are also instrumental in developing city-wide student events such as Philly Youth Pride, Citywide, and the LEAD Student Conference. Members are also invited to attend the ALLY Retreat hosted by the Mazzoni Center.


  • Meetings are held twice per month
  • Meetings are located at 1348 Bainbridge Street Philadelphia PA 19147. 
  • Septa Tokens are provided to all youth requiring transportation assistance.

The Mazzoni's Educational Department has created a positive change and improvement not only in my school but many across Philadelphia. Being involved in the department has allowed me to help ensure that LGBTQ youth, especially those marginalized within the community, are able to thrive and find acceptance in their school environments. They have given me numerous support and resources that I need to help other people of color, immigrants, and transgender/ gender non-conforming youth in the LGBTQ community like me, who have experienced prejudice for our intersectional identities. I believe I have a powerful voice, and the the Mazzoni's Educational Department has elevate mine.-- Student Leader, 2018