January Citywide GSA Meeting

  • January GSA meeting Mazzoni Center William Way LGBT

Ever have these thoughts….

If school’s supposed to feel safe, why am I constantly watching my back?

School’s supposed to be a place for establishing keys to a better future, but what am I really learning here?

Join in on the conversation at this month's Citywide GSA Meeting, presented by Mazzoni Center's Ally Safe Schools program, which is aimed at promoting safer, more inclusive environments for LGBTQ students and all students in Philadelphia area schools. Hear from students across the city and learn about your rights as students—in and out of school and the workplace.

No registration required - this event is open to middle and high school students and GSA advisors.

We'll have FREE PIZZA and TOKENS for folks who attend.

Visit our Facebook event page for more info. and a chance to win a $25 gift card!