Monday 2:30 PM LGBTQ SMART Recovery Meeting

Mazzoni’s SMART group is presently online Wednesday at 5:30pm and Thursdays at 1pm for 1 hour each. Log on to join our join our group.


Our SMART Recovery meeting for LGBTQ folks looking for recovery from their addiction(s) is an abstinence-based, sensible self-help program for people experiencing addictive behavior with any substance or activity.
It includes many ideas and techniques to help you change your life from one that is self-destructive and unhappy to one that is constructive and satisfying. 
SMART Recovery is not a spin-off of Alcoholics Anonymous.  No one will label you an “alcoholic”, an “addict” or “diseased” nor “powerless”, and if you do not believe in a religion or spirituality, that’s fine, too. Interested in more information (and great resources)? Check out!

SMART Recovery emphasizes:

Enhancing motivation
Effective coping to manage urges to use
Managing life’s problems in a sensible and effective way without substances
Developing a positive, balanced, and healthy lifestyle.
Our Monday night group is an official SMART Recovery meeting and is registered with the National SMART Recovery program.