Stepping Out!

Stepping Out! will be on hiatus till May 2018



Tuesday nights, LGBTQ persons in recovery will come together in a safe and welcoming LGBTQ space that will provide a fun opportunity to have a regularly scheduled evening activity where they can meet up with other recovery folk, practice social skills, build self-esteem and leave the difficult world outside. Each month will feature board games, a movie, interactive social activities and more. Light snacks will be provided (chips/popcorn). Participants are asked to bring their own beverages and/or water bottles.

Far too often, people in the early stages of recovery find they have a whole lot of time on their hands, little to do, less money to spend and no one sober they can spend time with. Combine this with a painful chronic depression and/or anxiety due to the absence of the substance of choice and these folks often believe themselves to be unable to put their new recovery knowledge (of different ways to engage the world) into action.

This gathering will take place Tuesday evenings (6-7:30pm) through the end of the year at Mazzoni Center’s main office. Anyone identifying as a LGBTQ person pursuing recovery from substance use may attend. This is a drop-in group; there is no cost to attending. Group will be directed by staff recovery specialist.