Gender Affirming Care

Gender Affirming Care

Social Transition

Changes like adopting gender-affirming names, hairstyles, and clothing to build confidence and satisfaction with one’s appearance. Does not require any medical intervention. Available at any stage and is fully reversible.

Puberty Pausing Medications

Puberty pausing medications temporarily stop unwanted physical and developmental changes of puberty such as facial hair growth, vocal changes, chest development, and more. With all parents’ consent and after a thorough evaluation by a medical provider, they can be prescribed to youth during puberty and are fully reversible.

 Allows youth to have more time to explore their gender identity and expression by pausing puberty that is not aligned with their gender identity.

 Can make other transition options available later in life easier by preventing the physical and developmental changes of puberty that do not align with their gender identity.  

Hormones Therapy

Hormones, like testosterone and estrogen, cause the body to physically develop secondary sex characteristics. This can include the development of facial hair, facial shape, body hair, hip shape, voice pitch, and breasts. Typically, it is available to people over 18 with provider supervision and management. Hormones can be prescribed to youth under 18 with parental consent.


Gender-affirming surgeries, like "top" surgeries to make changes to the chest or “bottom” surgeries to make changes to the genitals, are typically not available to transgender and gender-expansive youth under the age of 18.