Help the uninsured through our 340B program

Did you know that your health insurance coverage could also benefit people in our community who are uninsured?

If you are a patient with health insurance, and you purchase your medications at a participating Walgreens pharmacy, you’ll be helping Mazzoni Center obtain discount pricing, thanks to a federal government program known as 340B.

The price difference offered by the 340B program goes directly to Mazzoni Center, and helps us provide medication for patients who are uninsured.

It’s simple: you pay the same price as always, but your purchase helps others who could not otherwise afford their medications.  And you can use the Walgreens pharmacy that is connected to our 1348 Bainbridge Street location

Ask your provider about the 340B program the next time you come for a visit, or call us at 215-563-0658 to learn more. 

Participating Walgreens locations

There are now 18 eligible Walgreen’s locations in the Philadelphia area, which makes it easier than ever to participate in this program simply by picking up your prescription at any of these:

Center City
1334 Bainbridge St (Our Location)
1101 Locust Street
1800 South Street
1 S. Broad Street
1227 Locust Street
901 Market Street
1617 JFK Boulevard

150 N. MacDade Blvd

8828 Frankford Ave. (Frankford & Placid Ave.)

King of Prussia
119 E. DeKalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA
North Philadelphia & NE Philadelphia
4201 N. Broad Street (Broad & Hunting Park)
1607 Bridge Street (Bridge & Frankford)
7001 Frankford Avenue (Frankford & Tyson)

Port Richmond
1809 E. Allegheny Ave (Kensington & Allegheny)

South Philadelphia
2655 S. 10th Street
2310 W. Oregon Ave. (23rd & Oregon)
2014 S. Broad Street

West Philadelphia
300 N. 63rd Street (63rd & Vine)