Hepatitis C care

Hepatitis C treatment was once reserved for speciality care facilities, and relied on highly intolerable treatments. Recently, there have been exciting breakthroughs, with highly effective all-oral medications with far fewer side effects. Treatment can now happen in your primary care office and Hepatitis C takes as little as 8 weeks to effectively cure.
Our Health Center specializes in LGBTQ wellness, and offers affordable, quality health care in a culturally competent setting. Our Hep C program is Philadelphia’s only community-based program of its kind.
Treatment options
The variety of new treatment options means we can offer event more personalized care. Every patient will meet with a provider to choose the treatment that is best for them. Cure rates now top 95% for many clients while treatment length has been greatly reduced.
This means no interferon and no regular injections. Even if you have been through unsuccessful treatment before, you are still eligible for treatment now.
Mazzoni staff are able to walk you through the entire treatment process, including pre-treatment, counseling and screening, applying for insurance, getting medications (even if you don’t have insurance), lab work and risk reduction counseling.