Medical case management

Medical case management is a critical component of our services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Mazzoni Center’s program is staffed by qualified, compassionate professionals who dedicate themselves to serving the particular needs of each client. Recognizing that there are many factors that can impact health, we take a holistic approach to providing care services.
In order to enjoy their best health, people who are living with HIV must have safe, stable housing; receive regular, appropriate medical care; manage their medications; and more.  For some clients, getting connected to counseling and psychosocial assistance is critical.  For others, food stability and nutrition may be an issue.  Having a medical case manager to assist with these and other concerns can be the difference in a person’s long-term health outlook.
Thanks to advances in medication and treatment, people with HIV/AIDS are living longer and healthier lives than ever before.   Our case management team works hand in hand with clients to help make this possible.