PrEP Clinic

PrEP Clinic is suspended

PrEP clinic is suspended during the pandemic until further notice. Want to get on PrEP or have questions? Contact our Navigation team by calling 267-389-3139 today and they will help guide you through the necessary steps for geting on PrEP.
Heard about PrEP?  
Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is the newest and most promising biomedical HIV prevention intervention to date.  PrEP has been shown to be anywhere from 92-99% effective at preventing HIV transmission.  In short, it is a game-changing prevention tool with the potential to dramatically impact rates of new HIV infection and potentially even bring an end to HIV in our lifetimes.  
Want to learn more or get started?
We’re here to help, and get you the information and access you need, quickly!
Appointments are REQUIRED - but there’s no cost or co-pay for your visit*.  
Contact [email protected] to learn more and make an appointment today!
*Cost of a prescription for PrEP is determined based on your insurance status and/or income.  There are very low or no-cost options available. 

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