Mazzoni Center’s Annual Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference Breaks Records

Earlier this month, Mazzoni Center held the annual conference that brought in over 10,200 attendees from 32 countries and almost every state in the USA. Corporate and individual/household philanthropy broke records for this conference due to recurring support from longstanding supporters as well as from many new people and entities. 
When asked why the growth keeps happening year to year, Chief Operating Officer Ron Powers says, “Word of mouth mostly. Over the past 17 years trans individuals have found the conference to be an affirming and safe space.”
Mazzoni Center Medical Director, Nancy Brisbon added, “We cannot underestimate the value of the community building that occurs. The conference is life-changing and has transformed so many peoples’ lives. We should shout this from the rooftops and talk more about the success of our annual gathering.” 
Aside from the stellar attendance, Mazzoni Center garnered dozens and dozens of individual gifts of support this year. Leading support came from grant renewals from the City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the Arcus Foundation, along with about 30 sponsors, dozens of exhibitors, and program book supporters. 
The 2018 Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference’s Professional Track hosted more than 700 attendees from many states. Mazzoni Center selected 55 professional presenters from a large pool of applicants to provide workshops on relevant, compelling topics in their chosen fields (Education, Medical, Behavioral Health, and Legal) for which attendees could enroll for continuing educational and professional credit.