Alecia Manley

Interim COO; Interim Leadership Team

Alecia Manley has over twenty years of experience providing social services to HIV positive and LGBTQ+ communities. They joined Mazzoni Center in 2001 as a Medical Case Manager, and became the Care Services Director in 2005. Since then, Alecia has expanded the scope of the department from HIV specific social services to include services for LGBTQ+ youth and trans/gnc communities. Alecia directly oversees Mazzoni Center’s medical case management and care coordination programs; food bank and housing subsidy services; adolescent drop-in clinic; pediatric and adolescent comprehensive trans services (PACTS) program; and gender affirming social services. In 2014, Alecia collaborated with Temple University’s School of Social Work to research how the model of health care delivery impacts access to care for queer and trans/gnc youth.


Alecia enjoys developing organizational systems that foster inclusion and team effectiveness.  They have expertise in building innovative, community-specific programming and implementing effective impact evaluation strategies. Alecia’s Master’s thesis examined how race, gender, and age impact perceived organizational support in nonprofit settings.


Alecia holds a B.A. in Psychology from Bucknell University, a M.S. in Nonprofit Leadership from La Salle University, and a Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University.