David Weisberg

David Weisberg

Executive Development & Communications Officer

David Weisberg is pleased to return to his hometown of Philadelphia to become part of the Mazzoni Center team, having most recently spent a year living in the rainforest mountains of Panama.

David has a thirty-year career as a senior executive for non-profit organizations of local, regional, national, and international scope with areas of focus ranging from low-income housing and community development in Pennsylvania to cross-border environmental cooperation in the Middle East.

He first became familiar with Mazzoni Center when he brought his own trans stepchildren to the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference, an experience that had a powerful and validating impact on his family.

Always seeking to make an impact however he can both personally and professionally, David became an altruistic living liver donor in 2019 and has dedicated volunteer time to promoting organ donation.

David’s unique life experiences include creating and producing musical festivals, original theatre productions, and global virtual rallies, publishing two books, performing semi-professionally as both an actor and singer, and, in an extraordinarily memorable moment, making Mother Teresa laugh.