Elizabeth C. Kahn

Education Director
Elizabeth C. Kahn (pronouns: she/hers) is the Education Director of Mazzoni Center, where she oversees the vibrant and expert team of the Education Department. Under her direction, she and her team develop and produce innovative, comprehensive, and data-driven educational programming. The education team focuses on amplifying and celebrating the intersectional voices of the LGBTQ communities. Currently serving the greater Philadelphia area, the department builds ongoing partnerships with schools and organizations in order to develop and deliver the most meaningful and effective training programs. Our goal is to support long-term growth and powerful culture change where the most marginalized LGBTQ voices are centered and uplifted.
Elizabeth is an accredited Master trainer from ATD, a certified instructional designer and change management professional specializing in applying trauma-informed principles to organizational change. Originally from Trenton, Elizabeth received her Master of Arts in Education from The College of New Jersey and is a Licensed Associate Counselor in the State of NJ. Elizabeth previously served as a specialist in DEI at Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine where she actively consulted on culture change across campus.