Karl-Anthony Jones

Karl-Anthony Jones

Board Vice President

Board Member Since: 2021

As a distinguished member of the board at Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia, Karl brings over two decades of multifaceted expertise as a Restaurant Hospitality Executive, coupled with a robust understanding of strategic planning and financial management. With a proven track record in steering successful ventures within the hospitality sector, he has a keen eye for identifying strategic opportunities and maximizing financial performance. Karl’s astute financial stewardship, combined with his dedication to people development, has been instrumental in driving sustainable growth and operational excellence throughout his career. Karl’s visionary leadership and pragmatic approach to decision-making have been the key to his professional and personal life. In embodying the organization's values of inclusivity and community support, Karl exemplifies a dynamic blend of leadership, compassion, and financial acumen, poised to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those served by Mazzoni Center.

Why did you choose to become a member of the Mazzoni Center Board?

Inspired by my extensive involvement in the underground ballroom scene spanning over two decades, I was introduced to Mazzoni Center and witnessed the profound impact it had within the ballroom community. Recognizing the organization's reach and the support it provides, I felt compelled to join the board, eager to contribute my expertise towards elevating its outreach efforts and giving back to those who have generously supported Mazzoni Center's vital mission.