Legal Services Interns

Our law student interns are supervised by Mazzoni’s Staff Attorney, Iveliz R. Crespo Esq., and Legal and Public Policy Director, Thomas W. Ude, Jr. Under their direction, interns perform legal research and writing work related to the direct legal services that we provide, including legal research and writing, public education and outreach, and policy reform efforts. 
Our interns interact directly with LGBTQ clients, gathering information about their circumstances and the relevant law, to help evaluate whether and how Mazzoni Center can address their legal needs. They respond to requests for information and referrals, conduct legal research, draft legal documents on behalf of clients, assist attorneys in case preparation, and develop public education materials. Mazzoni Center is also actively involved in identifying and advocating for policies that can positively affect the rights of LGBTQ individuals, and our law student interns often have opportunities to research existing and new policy initiatives and evaluate the effects of current policy. 
The assistance of our law student interns is critical to the ability of our legal services program to manage the volume of intakes and cases that comprise our caseload. Under our supervision, we rely on our interns to work directly with clients, analyze and identify legal issues, apply existing laws to unique situations, devise creative solutions to issues where the law is silent, and prepare transactional documents and legal pleadings. In summary, our law student interns gain familiarity with the unique ways that the legal system addresses the specific needs of the LGBTQ community.
Want to Be a Legal Intern?