Racquel Assaye

Chief Financial Officer; Interim Leadership Team

Racquel Assaye has over twenty three years of experience in the accounting and auditing field. She joined Mazzoni Center in 2009 in the Fiscal Department and saw her role expanded in increments over the years. In 2014 she was named as the Chief Financial Officer and has since managed the billing and financial processes of the center. She is team oriented and recognizes that her successes in her role are in large part due to the efforts of each of her team members and is not shy in her appreciation of them. Of the twenty three years spent in the accounting sector, sixteen were spent in the nonprofit environment. While there is opportunity for greater earnings in the for profit environment, she enjoys marrying her passion for numbers with her heart for service to marginalized communities, such as those being served by the Center.


Racquel teaches budgeting to anyone who would listen. Her vision is financial independence for all regardless of their pay scale. She has had the satisfaction of seeing lives changed as people’s financial circumstances change just by employing budgeting tools. Growing up with little resources in South America ignited this passion within her as a means to escape her circumstances.


Racquel holds a B.S. in Business Education/Business Administration from Andrews University and a M.S. in Accounting from Drexel University. She also successfully completed the four parts of the CPA exams but do not hold the certification due to additional work requirements.