Radha Prabakaran

Education Outreach Specialist

Radha Prabakaran holds the position of Education Outreach Specialist, where they specifically develop and facilitate trainings relating to the issue of sexual violence affecting LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. A recent graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey – Camden with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work as well as Childhood Studies (and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies), they are passionate about the important use of narrative, story, art, and community organizing in relationship to trauma, self-love, healing, and joy. As a strangely academic hobby, Radha enjoys media studies, particularly in regards to LGBTQ+ youth of color’s work to queer usually white, straight, and cisgender focused media in television, movies, written fiction, and especially video games. They have enjoyed facilitating workshops and participating in panels on a variety of subjects but are recently most proud of their participation at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) in the summer of 2017, specifically about combatting anti-Blackness in South Asian communities and about the challenges students who identify as queer, trans, and of color face when in higher education spaces. Radha hopes to focus on liberation and thriving as a core values within their trainings at Mazzoni and strives to center the most vulnerable in our communities.